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Finally, I’ve managed to go to erotic massage spa salon Hollywood. I live in Kupchino, that is why I chose the one close to my home. I had read reviews and liked them. The evening was unforgettable, my special thanks to the ladies! You can feel like a true Hollywood star near such awesome beauties! Surely, I’ll visit it again.
Recently I went to salon of erotic massage Hollywood. I really liked it and now can recommend it to everyone! Girls were fantastic and left me speechless! For my first time there, I went for a classic massage and did not regret it one bit. I relaxed and received a boost of energy for the rest of the day. I think, I may become a regular of this parlor.
We had an erotic massage for couples, everything was superb! Special thanks to Pavel and Chris! The experience not to be forgotten! Very cosy atmosphere)))
I just want to share with everyone how I visited the erotic massage salon HOLLYWOOD. Everything was outstanding, ladies – just marvelous! No words can describe what they are capable of. Basically, I suggest everyone visit it, however, aware that if you entered it once, you will be counting the minutes until you see those wonderful and gentle ladies again.
Had been dreaming about a beach vacation for a long time. But after I went to the spa salon of erotic massage HollyWood, it’s just one dream less on my shoulder. When you enter Bahamas room, you find yourself on a dream island, especially with such a beautiful girl like Eley, all your secret desires come true!!! I hope having a day like that once again.
I have never had in my life two girls giving me an erotic massage plus a foot massage. Almost inexpressible sensation that I would like to experience again. Foam massage done by two pretty blondies – I’m getting goosebumps just remembering it. So to speak, you can choose girls and a room according to your taste. We are setting here a bachelor party for my friend in a while, and definitely going to make him a surprise!
I couldn’t get hold of myself after divorce, so I devoted all my time to raise my child. Once my friends set me up on an erotic massage session in spa-salon Hollywood. At first, I was embarrassed a lot, but then I had been thrilled. I would never think that just a massage could make you feel so excited. Strongly recommend to everyone, it actually adds color to your life!
I was presented with a gift certificate from the salon of erotic massage HollyWood. Firstly, I was skeptical about it. But then it made me curious so I went for it and got out like a new person with a feeling of elation. Guys, you should all visit this remarkable place and experience unique warmth of women’s hands and more!
Would never have thought that urological massages could be so delightful… But with help from charming Kristina I got acquainted with all the pleasures of this type of relaxation. And it cost me only 2000 rubles!! I won’t go to always irritated nurses to have an urological massage anymore, ever. Besides, the ambience in the salon is so cool!
After one hard work’s day my friends and I stopped by spa salon Hollywood – that is how I discovered a new kind of relaxation. Girls working in the salon are beautiful and provide very interesting services, even the most sophisticated men should appreciate. Everything else is also first-rate.
My friends and I decided to have fun and try an erotic massage done by men. And we’ve never regretted the time, spent there! Firstly, the men are fantastic, they surely know exactly what to do with a woman in order to give her maximum pleasure and at the same time without doing anything obscene or depraved. Secondly, it is about warm and alluring atmosphere and nice personnel. My special compliment goes to the cook – thanks to him, the food was outstanding!
I hit with my friend this salon Hollywood. It’s a very nice place – we were very pleased that apart from other salons, here you could definitely have a great time – exquisite cuisine, very pretty interior design, not to mention an erotic massage – it was beyond praise. Next time I will gladly try a classic massage and other salon’s services.
I had arranged an unforgettable present for my lovely husband and ordered an erotic massage session for couples in spa salon Hollywood. My husband liked it a lot, and to be honest, I didn’t expect it would make me feel those unbelievable vibes. I suggest everyone should try it. And, so to speak, the apartments are very comfy.
If you are fed up with your monotonous daily life and feeling adventurous, go to HollyWood, an erotic massage parlour. I followed this advice and didn’t regret it. It is easy to see that only professionals work there. As a result - only happy memories, nothing bothers you, even the prices are meant to bring you joy. Man up, don’t be afraid to try something new!
I can’t recall no other salon with such quality service. Spa-hotel HollyWood definitely stands up to its name. Ladies working there are something else, it is like being a judge at a beauty contest where you have to award points for their performances. Surroundings are soothing and relaxing and are made to have a good time in.
I would have never thought there are so many ways to please a man. Tanned girl named Karina gave me so much pleasure, you couldn’t imagine. I am still astonished. If you haven’t been at the salon HollyWood yet, then hurry up, cause girls are waiting for you.
I want to thank Alice for walking me into a sea of pleasure at the start of the working week. I will absolutely come back again, and think that will become a regular client. By the way, I totally loved the room in Chinese style. Now I want to visit other rooms. Prices are very democratic, that is so important nowadays.
I went to an erotic massage for the first time. Words alone cannot convey all the experiences I was overwhelmed with! Erotic part of a massage should be a subject of a special praise… Totally going back… Special thanks to administrators of the massage salon HollyWood that told me…
Being a regular client of the spa salon HollyWood, I can openly recommend it to all who have any doubts. You will not find such a variety of erotic massages anywhere else. Only here you can go to different apartments, have a sauna and experience other moments of joy and satisfaction with different girls.
Petersburg hasn’t seen anything like this before!! Service is on top! Liked everything A LOT! Going back in no time!!!
I have to be honest, I’ve been looking for a long time now for a place like that where you can relax and rest your body and mind. I visited only Bahamas room and had a sauna, but hope to visit other apartments. A foam massage from the cover girl Eley was awesome and on point. That is the right way to have an erotic massage experience in a salon.
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