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Sakura Branch massage

Sakura Branch massage

1 lady – 2 000 RUB

This service can be added to your erotic massage as an EXTRA. The massage session is configured according to your wishes and preferences.

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Sakura is a sacred tree mostly valued in the land of the rising sun – Japan. In this wonderful country, sakura symbolizes tenderness, love and beauty. It also reflects the idea of “Mono no aware” which means an empathy towards things. This plant like famous Japanese geishas, priestesses or even goddesses of love and pleasure, are symbols of Japan. This mix or tandem gave birth to an extraordinary and one of the finest types of erotic massage called Sakura Branch. What does this special procedure really stand for, so even most demanding connoisseurs call it a pearl of erotic pleasure? It is a combination of techniques and methods shaped by the centuries of dealing with male bodies by geishas of the East. A lady doing this kind of massage will use her body touching your most sensitive erogenous zones, petting them with her lips and covering it with gentle kisses. Your body and the body of the masseuse will completely meld together and the finale that will follow the main course of the session will be bright and intense and will make you remember it for a long time. This erotic massage will boost your libido and raise your love potential. After the Sakura Branch massage, your sexual desire will increase greatly and you will find yourself wanting to relieve this erotic adventure many times in the future. Come to the spa salon HollyWood and you will not be disappointed in one of the most exquisite Japanese enjoyments.

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