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Back and lower back massage

Back and lower back massage

1 lady - 1 500 RUB

Session length 30 min
This massage session is designed according to your individual wishes and preferences and you can add to the erotic massage any EXTRAS that you like from our rates

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Who hasn’t come across the back and lower back pains in his daily life? What can be more important than our spine that bears all the weight of our body? Still, many people treat its condition carelessly and don’t address warning signals coming from it. It must be called light-headed, because early prevention can protect from future problems and even catastrophes your health could suffer. Of course, the best preventive measure for the pain and sickness is the back massage including the lower back massage.

What are the other benefits of the back massage? Firstly, it improves heart performance by increasing the blood flow per unit time. Secondly, it supplies the tissues with more nutrients like glucose and amino acids. It also enriches the tissues with oxygen. Thirdly, capillaries and blood vessels widen and consequently arterial pressure normalizes. The process of the back massage itself follows a definite scheme that holds for any style it is performed in. The masseuse follows the venous blood flow trying to avoid lymphatic nodes. The main types of motion applied by the masseuse are: gliding strokes – relax and prepare the body for the next treatment.

Friction or rubbing – heating up movements from sides to the spine axis enhance metabolic processes in tissues and propel the stagnant blood; kneading – more of the forceful action on hypodermis and fatty layer that is intended to stimulate blood circulation and eliminate toxins; tapping and vibratory motions of the fingers – final step that normalizes substances circulation and prepares the body for relaxation and rest. Now is a good time to point out the details you shouldn’t overlook in the process of the proper back and lower back massage. The surface, on which a client lies, has to be stiff. Ideally, it should be a massage table, but if there is not one, the rigid massage will do.

After that, you should make sure that the masseuse washed his hands really well, and he uses special oil that will decrease friction and will help to avoid skin damage. You should not rush things; start the massage with a light touch, gradually putting more force into it. Certainly, you can feel some slight pain but keep it serious and if the pain becomes noticeable, that would only mean that the massage is being done wrong. Apparently, if you seek for the proper back massage, please come see our professionals in the massage salon HollyWood in Kupchino and you will always leave satisfied with high quality service.

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