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Classic massage

It improves your health, increases your body tonus, relaxes and rejuvenates, boosts your immune system – all of this and a lot more we can ascribe to a classic massage. Properties of a massage as a unique procedure are well known from the dawn of days when our ancient ancestors found out about the healing power of rubbing, stroking and kneading of human body. Massage evolved with time and in China, it was even promoted to medical science. There massage schools were opened and doctors of that era treated with massage almost every disease. Although in Europe, one of the first doctors who studied massage was a Sweden doctor of 18th century Pehr Henrik Ling. To be honest, he studied and did research on proper movements that have effect on a human body. When it comes to a theory of the massage itself, its development is credited to a German doctor Metzger and a professor Mosengel. Up till now their methods are treated as axioms of the classic massage.

So how do you define classic massage now? Naturally, it is not a narrow concept but a wide cluster of procedures. It is divided into several types: sports, hygienic, therapeutic and cosmetic. Sports massage, as you can easily tell, is designed for sportsmen because properly warmed up muscles prevent them from injuries and strains, and prepare them for games. Hygienic – strengthens an overall tonus and gives a boost to an immune system. This type of classic massage is more of prophylactic kind and should be ideal for everybody who cares for their health. Therapeutic massage divides into many subtypes like back massage, cervical spine massage, and massages for other local areas that require an intervention of an experienced manual therapist. Cosmetic massage, the last one from the four types of massage, restores and prevents skin from defects, subcutaneous tissues’ defects and fat.

What happens during this procedure? At first, masseur manually cleans the skin from layers of dead cells and moisturizes it. Blood circulation gets better and metabolism accelerates. This makes unwanted toxins to leave the body and helps to increase the level of oxygen in the cells. Muscles get extra nutrition and also stretching, blood vessels contract and increase their tonus.

Classic massage is prescribed in many cases ranging from sciatica and deterioration of cervical blood vessels to cellulite and postpartum recovery. Ulcers, hypertension, heart failure, insomnia, chronic fatigue and general malaise are also on that list.

Methods of classic massage consist of gliding strokes, rubbing and vibration. Masseur alternates them according to type of procedure, sex, age and type of massage, but always sticks to the rule of parabola when the force of action rises up to the middle of a massage session and then decreases. This method with a pronounced climax is principal and fundamental almost for every classic massage.

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