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Head and Neck massage

Head and Neck massage

1 lady - 600 RUB

Session length 20 min
This massage session is designed according to your individual wishes and preferences and you can add to the erotic massage any EXTRAS that you like from our rates

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Head massage is a great method of relaxation and at the same time, it is an incredible revitalizing procedure that is intended to improve blood circulation and metabolism, provides a better nutrition for hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. It also normalizes the work of sebaceous glands that consequently has a positive impact on the hair. Generally, there are a lot of techniques every one of which is mainly concentrated on one particular problem and aimed at different results.

Classic head massage is a sum of standard motions that consists of strokes, pulls and pinches going smoothly from superciliary arches to hairline and then spreading across the whole head. Massaging of the temporal bones in circular motions, working out the hypodermic tissues, in the areas of hair growth to improve blood circulation. Expanding fingers of one hand from the parietal lobe to all directions. All the steps of the classic massage are repeated multiple times to make a better effect. Relaxing massage, in general, is supposed to bring back freshness and vigor to the end of your hard-working day. It is a great method to prevent headaches and even migraine.

Major emphasis in this type of head massage is done on the kneading of the neck, which leads to a more intensive blood flow to the cerebrum. This blood flow brings to the cerebrum the oxygen so much needed for its normal activity. Apart from the stimulation of the cervical vertebrae, a very important part of the relaxing massage is to excite active spots behind the ears and on the temples. Relaxing head massage is a variation of the previous massage with some differences. It very much suits men who deal with stress in their daily life and want to minimize the negative effect of this stress on their organism. Here the masseuse concentrates more on massaging of the parietal lobe using zig-zag movements and stimulating the nodes situated on the line from the ear to the pate. In the end, all techniques are relative and every master designs the head massage session in agreement with client’s wishes and state of health.

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