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Foot fetish

Foot fetish

1 lady – 2 500 RUB

This service can be added to your erotic massage as an EXTRA. The massage session is configured according to your wishes and preferences.

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Foot fetishism as a phenomenon came to us, like many other erotic practices, from the East. In ancient China, young girls had their feet bound and wrapped in long silk ribbons in order to stop the feet growth and preserve its miniature form that resembled lotus buds. From that point in history attraction to partner’s feet has transformed, however, like in the ancient days has physiological connotation. So what is the foot fetish in the modern world? Firstly, it is an esthetic pleasure from gracious women feet which are no less of a sexy body part in comparing to a bust, for example. Feet of our ladies make men fall into an erotic ecstasy. Ladies deliberately take care of their feet using a variety of creams and baths that soothe the skin and make it feel like velvet. They always get rid of corns and calluses and neatly done pedicure with tanning make their feet even more attractive. Fine stockings in this case is an important aspect and many men focus their attention on it as a main element of the foot fetishism. Physical contact plays in the foot fetish even a bigger role than mere observation. At first, a man barely touches and pats woman’s legs and then kisses them and even gives them a lick. The lady, in turn, responds by stimulating him with her instrument of petting – beautiful feet. The effect of such stimulation is many times greater than a simple erotic ecstasy that you have from erotic massage. It raises your sexual libido and greatly increases your sexual potential as a man.

Of course, the foot fetish massage of high quality made by female experts in their field is what you can always get in the spa salon HollyWood in Kupchino. Visit us and all your wishes will come true in the elegant surroundings of maximum comfort.

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