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French kiss

French kiss

1 lady – 2 500 RUB

This service can be added to your erotic massage as an EXTRA. The massage session is configured according to your wishes and preferences.

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These days we find abundance everywhere. And numerous types of erotic massage schools and practices are no exception. Their diversity astonishes and their promiscuousness bewilders. In the line of different erotic pleasures, an EXTRA to a massage called French Kiss stands out for its candidness but at the same time attracts like anything else. Many people ask what is the French Kiss and whether it is related to a kiss itself or if it is only a metaphorical description of the process? Surely, the second proposition is more accurate because this technique is nothing else but a special behavior of a masseuse during an application of this kind of erotic massage. In this case, the masseuse blends features of many techniques, from classic and vintage to innovative and even futuristic. This process engages both bodies of the masseuse and the client. In the beginning, the lady covers your body with talc, and its gentle texture gives you unmatchable sensations and experiences during the session. Then, she involves all of her body into the massage going slowly from the top down approaching the most sensitive erogenous zones and concurrently to the culmination of this wonderful EXTRA.

French Kiss is not just an incredible experience which everyone should check out but also is an unimaginable erotic impulse that will stimulate your sexual drive for a long time. Give this sensual extra to the erotic massage called French Kiss a try and your visits to the erotic massage salon HollyWood for these heavenly sensations will get into the habit.

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