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Foot massage

Foot massage

1 lady – 1 000 RUB

Session length – 20 min
This massage session is designed according to your individual wishes and preferences and you can add to the erotic massage any EXTRAS that you like from our rates

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Health of the human musculoskeletal system determines his mobility, activity and his physical abilities as a whole. That is why it is crucial to keep it in good health and provide both treatment and prevention. In addition, what can be a better way to prevent it from pains and diseases than therapeutic massage? Besides, unlike other types of massages, for example, head and back massage, foot massage not only gives a positive effect to the areas it is applied to, but also revitalizes the whole organism because especially on the feet there are a lot of acupuncture points and nodes connected with all the organs in the human body.

It is well known for a long time that foot massage can ease back pains and fight chronic diseases of the internal organs, raise body tonus and give a boost to the immune system. The atmosphere you make a foot massage in is no less important than, for instance, the skill of a masseuse. The room temperature have to be optimal, aroma oils and the music should calm you down and set you in the right mood, and warming creams should prepare your feet for the full effect. The foot massage starts from the tips of the toes and even the nail area isn’t left out.

Smooth movements go up the foot becoming more intense where the skin is rougher and weakening where the skin is soft and pliable. Achilles is treated separately and after that by circle movements the masseuse takes care of the bones on both sides, in this process the foot is fixed in the hands of the masseuse. Active acupuncture points that only an experienced manual therapist knows should be manipulated with delicacy so the excessive force wouldn’t do harm. Shin is the next step of the foot massage. Warming touches and movements here play a role of a prelude. Then the masseuse uses knuckles to work with the calf muscles. From the popliteal part of a leg and higher, blood vessels come very near to the skin surface. That is why, to avoid marks and bruises, efforts have to be accurately controlled. Up to the thighs, you have to limber up muscles that endure high loading during the day and to improve blood circulation.

For women it is really important due to the fact that this kind of stimulation is good for cellulitis prevention. Leg and foot massage is a unique chance to boost the tonus of your limbs and also to get whole-body health improvement. Feel the joys of this procedure in the massage salon HollyWood. Do not forget to try our remarkable erotic massage and you will be eager to come back.

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