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Relaxing massage

Impact done by hands on a human body is tremendous. Manual therapy nowadays is so widespread that it would be a crime not to take it into account and ignore its many helpful features which are investigated and proved for a long time. Many massage techniques consist of a wide range of recommendations and rules from official medicine and human anatomy that is why you should not try different health procedures at home without proper education and skills. However, types of massage that don’t imply special knowledge could and even should be conducted at home. One of those types of massage is a relaxing massage.

For starters, it needs to be clear in which situations this method of manual stimulation has to be done. By all means, relaxing massage is for those who is exposed to stress in their daily life or whose daily routine consists of constant physical efforts. Relaxing massage provides a great overall muscle effect: it treats muscle pains, removes tight congested muscles, and increases tonus of your muscles and their elasticity. And the calming effect on your nervous system, decrease in stress levels and overall relaxation is another side of this type of massage, not less important and significant.

So what is the right way to make a relaxing massage in order to fully discover its potential? Here, you need to follow several details and propositions. Its techniques also strongly depend on cosmetics and right surroundings and atmosphere. The following points are also very important:

  • Relaxing massage should be applied before going to sleep, or at least before an opportunity of long rest.
  • The room where you will have a relaxing massage should be filled with subdued light, calming music, and the aroma of incense at the same time air should not be stale.
  • Massage oil is most needed. Without it, proper relaxing massage cannot be accomplished.
  • Comforting stance and almost nude appearance will help to relieve stress and dive deep into atmosphere of full relaxation.

Technically, this method of relaxation requires only a few types of movements, which enable to hit the state of extreme relaxation. Strokes and rubs are methods of the initial action, they heat up muscles and drive the circulation of blood. Pinches and skin pulls stimulates blood flow in distinct areas of the body and improves circulatory system. During relaxing massage, pinches shouldn’t be hard, in other case they can leave not very pretty bruises. Vibration, achieved by a palm or, by contrast, by a a palm squeezed in a fist, is done according to a rhythm and without interruptions. At last, kneading relieves muscles spasms and helps warming the skin.

You have to alternate all actions and of course regulate applied strength, because your main goal is not a deep impact but soothing and relaxation. If you want to try relaxing massage done by professionals in their field, then you should visit spa salon HollyWood in St. Petersburg, Kupchino, pr. Slavy 41. Enjoy yourself in the atmosphere of comfort and high-class service in our massage salon.

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